The official version is of course ‘the lone gunman’ which we have seen across time over and over. We are meant to believe that all of the enemies of the US corporate establishment somehow managed to get shot by a bloke who just wanders up or leans out of a window and shoots them, then gets caught quickly and takes the blame. From Lee Harvey Oswald to James Earl Ray to Sirhan Sirhan to… it is always the loner who is quick to say he was working alone.

Few ever truly believe the official story but what can we do? Expose the real criminals and live to tell the tale? It takes a very special person to have the courage to do that.

Given the nature of the attack (see video above) the guy was either a very poor shot or a very good one.

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has now revealed the details of his attack after he was shot during a rally in an address to the nation.

Mr Khan was shot four times, with two bullets hitting each of his legs, during a protest march in Pakistan on Thursday.
Describing his injuries, he said he was hit “on the right thigh [with] two bullets” and on “the left thigh two bullets” – adding that his “left tibia was fractured”.

He said there was a fracture on his right leg and near the main artery there were some bullet fragments.
“If it was hit there, there would have been a lot of bleeding,” he said.

However, the waters just got a whole lot murkier and you know who is seriously implicated.

Are they as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of poo working with their puppets or was it the loner?

Knowledge is supposed to be power. No it’s not. Not unless enough have it and are prepared to act courageously to slay the monster. Sadly, as we know there are not enough.

Douglas James

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