This is absolutely true.

At the 2017 council elections a local lady stood as a candidate for UKIP in a Dorset seaside town. The following conversation took place between her and her friend.

Friend: ‘What are your policies?’

Ukipper: ‘I don’t have any.’

Friend: ‘Well what do you say on the doorstep?’

Ukipper: ‘I don’t. I push the leaflet through the door and run’.

Ukipper: ‘I don’t know why the government and the police don’t just catch Allah and then all the problems will be over.’

Friend (remaining composed) ‘You know like we have God and Jesus well Muslims have Allah.’

Ukipper: Oh yes I know that but I still think they should catch him…

Next time you meet a Ukipper it might be time to feel both sorry and afraid.