‘So I think everyone agrees that Russia invading Ukraine was and is a terrible thing, and because it was Putin who initiated the war, clearly it was his fault. Not only terrible and criminal, but a risky and desperate move.

But for those who think Ukraine should have been in NATO. Are you absolutely 100% sure that Putin would have been deterred, especially given that Biden/Harris are in the White House, who he sees as weak? If Ukraine was in NATO, the UK and the USA would now be at war with Russia, with its nuclear weapons, hypersonic missiles and submarines that can cut undersea power and data cables.

Are you absolutely 100% sure that if we were at war with Russia, they would not sink Royal Navy ships, bomb the UK or UK overseas assets, cut our power cables, and Transatlantic data cables on which the digital economy depends? Are you absolutely 100% sure that Putin would not use tactical nuclear weapons?

Are you so determined to defend Ukraine that you would be happy to send your own sons and daughters into a meat grinder war covering all over Europe? And if you are not prepared to do that for Ukraine, why would you do it for Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?

So for liberals to be hyperventilating over the lack of enthusiasm some of us have for war, and throwing around accusations of people being “far left” or “far right ” for questioning the UK’s NATO commitments, perhaps think it through.’

Via Alex Snowden

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