Boris Johnson and his ill-fated government, having  seemingly escaped the cesspit of Partygate and  Covid corruption, have now dived into another unsavoury septic pit, this time of Russian sleaze.

The way Tory ministers and MPs, particularly Boris Johnson, cosied up to Russian oligarchs was already seen as a substantial problem in British politics. The funding of Tory MPs and the Party itself by Russian oligarchs was an ongoing dilemma for our democracy.

Then comes the failures of the British government in seizing Russian assets in response to the Russian Ukraine invasion, or taking action so slowly that oligarchs have plenty of time to spirit those assets away.

Despite the misleading statements of Johnson etc, compared with other nations British action has been pitiful, a situation predicted by American experts  way before the invasion. There is a lack of will by Johnson to inconvenience his Russian cronies!

What is even more appalling are the growing suspicions that this sleazy Russian influence is also slowing allowing Ukrainian refugees into Britain, where the country is once again falling behind the rest of Europe.

Unlike the Russians of course, the Ukrainians are not able to donate to the Tory Party!

The repeated failures of Priti Patel to free up the refugee process has been pathetic despite  “claims” of welcoming Ukrainian refugees. Johnson refusal to allow Patel to change  the admission process  has further slowed this. No wonder some are wondering if it is deliberate, applying even to cases where a British citizen is already married to a Ukrainian, with British children!

So once again Johnson’s government is sinking into sleaze and corruption, with his empty rhetoric consistently not supported by action.

Focus is being drawn to the new Russian in the House of Lords, Evgeny Lebedev, now Baron Lebedev of Hampstead and Siberia!  He was appointed to the House of Lords by Boris Johnson despite objections from the security services. His father is a former KGB officer. Controversially Johnson went to a Lebedev party soon after his win in the 2019 General Election and had refused to publish the dossier on Russian influence in the Scottish and BREXIT referendums.

Lebedev owns the London Standard newspaper which backed Boris Johnson in both his London Mayor campaigns and his Tory Party leadership campaign.

Johnson’s pathetic dependence on Russian Oligarchs, allied to the splintering of the EU by Brexit, perhaps explains in part why Putin felt able to invade Ukraine.

Johnson has sought to throw both Britain’s credibility as an ally, (feeble efforts on sanctions) and its cherish reputation for humanity (welcoming war refugees) under a bus. He is an hollow man, focussed just on himself; dominated by the often malign influence of Russian Oligarchs.

Pete Milory

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