Can we put up just two Westminster candidates, one each for West and South Dorset, at the next general election? Unity candidates, with the other political parties standing aside or even actively canvassing for them, could just unseat the two Tory MPs that infest our constituencies at the moment.

A divided left

I’m lucky in that I have no personal loyalty to any political party. It would take me 30 seconds to find fault with any of those who want my vote! I don’t really care who becomes MP as long as they aren’t right of centre. That gives me the chance to analyse the last elections and say whom I’d be likely to support for one reason alone – chucking the Tories out.

If I’m in South Dorset, I’d likely vote Labour, and in West Dorset, Lib Dem. Why?

In South Dorset, Labour have come solid second in the last two general elections. In 2017 they got 33.6% with the other parties a combined 10.3% of the vote and in 2019, 25.2% with the other parties a combined 16%.

In West Dorset, I’d vote Lib Dem. In 2019, they got 32% of the vote, with the other parties getting a combined 12.9%.

Where in both constituencies the Tories got more than 50% of the vote last time round, if the left got behind one candidate, there could just be a contest.

Lib Dems have momentum!

This blog is written the morning after a stunning victory where the Tories were ousted from Dorset Council. Even though I am known for my left wing views, my vote went their way for similar reasons to my analysis above. It helped that my chosen candidate was from my village!!!

Certainly, in West Dorset, the Liberal Democrats have a good run now. Though you will never see an orange (or red, for that matter) hoarding in my garden, I do wonder if the other parties could set their ego aside and allow their candidate a solo run against Scab Loder?

Isn’t the chief problem the dreadful people we have now? If we can unseat the Tories, then we might even have MPs that represent the left? As someone with no party loyalty whatsoever, it just makes sense.

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