Unity council the best news for forty years …. yes 100% – we can start to breathe again

Unity council the best news for forty years …. yes 100% – we can start to breathe again.
Aligning services : “The other thing we have to do is bring the people with us. They have to believe and understand they are involved from top to bottom and we will ensure they are. This has to work for everyone.”
Well said Cllr Slade – spot on. I am sure we all wish the new cabinet member Dr Felicity Rice the very best wishes with her work. Enormous step in the right direction. History is being writtern.


Conservative group  …. “privately some senior Tories say they will simply wait for the alliance to fall apart.”

Well what would we expect from a viciously destructive party clearly now in historic terminal collapse from Whitehall to Lands End.

Tory Cllr Phil Broadhead said: “This new council is a great opportunity and it is no time for an experiment. We are all guinea pigs now and you can quote me on that.”

Well you can guinea pig squeak squeak Cllr – try having some faith in people other than your own distastrous party. You speak of “experiments” as if looming disaster when it is your party that could not have done more enormous damage to the country throwing open the door to catastrophic Brexit.   

And I see you are yet another Tory estate agent, following on from Tory ex-Cllr David “never mind those who live 30 miles from newly sited B’mouth A&E” Gibson. What a waste of a philosophy degree Philip signing up for the Tories. Your party had their chance for a dozen years and all we see is mass destruction of public services – environment not even on agendas – and the crime of all crimes your party four years ago destroying the credibility of 995MWatts clean sustainable Navitus offshore wind farm.

Cllr Lawton said he wanted to work with the new alliance to ensure the wishes of everyone living in the conurbation were heard. “We are not a divisive party,”

Not a divisive party !!! ??? Come on now Bob there is no party in Europe more split asunder than the Tories and in that with Tory launched Brexit referendum dividing the country from top to bottom – the most enormous schism since the Reformation. And in Bournemouth/Poole/ C’church what have you done but driven a dozen of your own Cllrs out of your party, given us such MPs as Syms with in four years nothing to say on Poole losing our A&E and Maternity, along with Conor “ideology of climate change” Burns. Hardly people’s MPs are they ….

Personally I condemn Toryism hook-line-and-sinker for the enormous damage to community and people over the last several years –schools and NHS and so much more in the most underfunded state in generations. You’ve ended with hard right Alt-Right Toryism taking over your party – with then the best of Conservatives leaving in droves. So yes to your “We will work to help the new coalition as much as we can to achieve the best for our resident” – that is what we expect Cllr Lawton, nothing less.

All the reaons now with our new council we can all be optimistic and I hope leave behind deadly cynicism. We all need to believe in the future – we all need to work together. “Unity” is spot on …. 

Jeff Williams