Victoria Atkins MP, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, was taken to task by Zarah Sultana over the actions of Johnson, Patel and others in the Tory Government in fanning the flames of racism.

Her condescending response was outrageous, telling Ms Sultana, to “lower the tone” and accusing her, falsely, of trying to shout the Minister down.

Next, Jeremy Corbyn asked what steps the Government would be taking to stop racist abuse being posted online. Her response, in the same condescending tone, was to ignore the question, accuse Corbyn of antisemitism and bring up the myth that Luciana Berger needed police protection at the Labour Party conference.

Then Margaret Hodge asked the Minister virtually the same question as Corbyn. Atkins’ response? “I’m extremely grateful and mindful of the own experiences the Rt hon lady has had in terms of abuse online and offline, and I agree with her of course”.

A quick cuddle when she was young may have made all the difference. Perhaps then she would not be playing political bollox shot put with the issues of antisemitism and more specifically racism.

And she may be interested in having a chat with her fellow Tories before throwing rocks in a greenhouse.

Many people have now given up on the Tories generally and the country will continue to become even more divided until Boris Johnson and his apolygists have gone:


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