Go for it, Victoria.

Just scratching the surface, but let’s keep it rolling.


  1. Tuition Fees Increases: The decision to increase university tuition fees in England to up to £9,000 per year in 2010 has been a significant point of contention. This has been seen as placing a heavy financial burden on young people.
  2. School Funding Cuts: Schools in England have faced budget cuts, leading to larger class sizes, reduced subject choices, and fewer resources, which can negatively impact the quality of education young people receive.


  1. Youth Unemployment: Critics argue that the Conservative party has not done enough to address youth unemployment, which can lead to long-term economic and social issues for young people.
  2. Zero-Hours Contracts: The prevalence of zero-hours contracts has been criticised for providing insecure and unstable employment, which disproportionately affects young people.


  1. Lack of Affordable Housing: Policies that have not adequately addressed the housing crisis mean that many young people struggle to afford their own homes, leading to prolonged periods of renting or living with parents.

Social Welfare

  1. Cuts to Youth Services: Austerity measures have led to significant cuts in funding for youth services, including youth clubs and mental health services, which provide essential support for young people.
  2. Universal Credit: The implementation of Universal Credit has been criticised for creating financial instability and hardship, with younger people often being among the hardest hit.


  1. Mental Health Services: There has been criticism regarding the lack of adequate funding and support for mental health services for young people, despite rising levels of mental health issues in this demographic.

Political Participation

  1. Voting Age: The Conservative party has resisted calls to lower the voting age to 16, which some argue would give young people a greater voice in political decisions that affect their future.


  1. Climate Change Policies: There has been criticism that Conservative policies on climate change and environmental protection have been insufficient, impacting young people who are increasingly concerned about the future of the planet.

Legal and Justice System

  1. Stop and Search Policies: Increased use of stop and search powers by police has been criticised for disproportionately targeting young people, particularly from minority communities, leading to mistrust and tension.

If we can encourage all young people to vote, the Tories can be buried once and for all.

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