Victory for pro Brexit parties in Dorset following EU elections

Despite a huge surge for the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party the total votes cast still saw pro Brexit parties with a higher vote share. However, the share reflects a huge chasm that will not be mended anytime soon. Dorset appears to be as split as much of the country and UK politics and the UK economy appears to be in for an even greater rough ride than has been experienced so far.

It is not only economically however, where the instability will be felt. Socially and politically the county is experiencing partisan voices that are raising hostility and creating deep friction.

How this can be healed looks to be a question that has no discernible answer at this time.


Dorset is part of the South West Region which has elected its six Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

Find out who your MEPs are.

For the wider picture, view the results across the UK and Europe.

How did people vote in Dorset?

41.14 per cent of Dorset Council residents voted  in the European Elections on 23 May.

Votes per party are as follows:

  • Change UK – The Independent Group – 2946
  • Conservative and Unionist Party – 12076
  • English Democrats – 559
  • Green Party – 17843
  • Labour Party – 4728
  • Liberal Democrats – 26789
  • The Brexit Party – 50163
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 4253
  • MAXEY, Larch Ian Albert Frank – Independent – 97
  • RAHMAN, Mothiur – Independent – 63
  • SEED, Neville – Independent – 177