In 2019 the Conservative MP won the Castle Point election with approximately 77% of the vote. Having been created in 1983 the constituency has only ever been Labour once, from 1997 to 2001. Otherwise the Conservatives have dominated.

Just like the electorate across the UK they believe their choices are restricted by a very narrow and parochial political system that provides very little in the way of options. Thus like many constituencies it has become a straight choice between Conservatives and Labour. At election time both parties serve up promises that are rarely delivered upon. However, the most persuasive tends to be victorious. The Conservatives are generally in a more advantageous position because empirically they have the corporate media on side. Their message gets much more airtime because it generally suits the billionaires who own them and the establishment journalists and editorial teams who manange the content.

However, even with the message being controlled for the minds of millions that does stop the electorate working out that something does not add up. What they are being told and what they are experiencing is not in balance. This is when politicians and the corporate media panic. They start to get desperate and lie even more than usual. Their ultimate saviour is that even if Labour take the seat it is usually in the grasp of another establishment safe set of hands.

In 2017 and 2019 they had to destroy any probability that the then leader Jeremy Corbyn would acquire power and undermine their control and hegemony. Now they have no such worries with the Tory lite Sir Keir Starmer and chums. Defeat would not really mean defeat.

Hence when hearing these voices (see video) they remain relatively calm although they will still put on ‘a show’ come election time to at least give the impression they are concerned. Their objective is to keep any Labour victory in check and not allow a big majority.

If Mr Corbyn had been leader every stop would be pulled out. The public have not met the man so any caricature can be created and twisted for their consciousness. And as we know millions will fall for it. They always do.

Of course the marrying of experience and propaganda creates chaos. That is the intention. Clarity of mind, based on facts and reason, is dangerous to those controlling the agenda. Clear sighted is not an option. Confused and muddled is much better.

Many choose to live a lie. Fantasy and delusion does the job and then death. Nothing matters then.

A bit deep! Yep, but that’s real life.

Douglas James

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