You can socialise and have business dealings with convicted paedophiles, you can literally help elect Putin, you can make hundreds of thousands of pounds directly from Putin, you can lie, cheat and force illegal wars and play a major part in millions of deaths, support literal terrorist child beheading states and make millions from them directly….

Oh, and you will be promoted to be chief adviser to Starmer… but if you dare condemn Russia and the factual history of NATO post 1991, be passionately anti-war and pro People and Ukraine you are an “extremist”.

That is how it works, just to confirm? My take is if anyone follows that bizarre, completely f**ked-up kind of logic, and has the audacity to label me or my comrades as “extremists” or “Pro Putin” (the results of such dangerous BS have already been felt in death threats by Zarah Sultana MP), then laugh in their face, give them a history lesson via quoting this or whatever other facts you have, and genuinely tell them to “Shut up you ignorant, offensive stooge, and f**k off”.

Oh, and THE biggest Neo Liberal Capitalist institute, the IMF, is now officially to THE LEFT of Starmer’s Labour re economics…you’d struggle to make this up….


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