Wake Up Dorset!

When are you lot going to get out of your comfort zone and “get real”? I KNOW you`re a bunch of  lefties who dream of Scallywag Revival, but you really don`t welcome debate now do you?

1. Last Year-in the biggest revolutionary era in our lifetimes-we ELECTED to slough off the European Union from its inevitable sliming of this great nation of ours. WE chose this FREELY and PEACEFULLY. Clearly you lot didn`t…and your interminable abuse and hissyfits are really hacking us off. We are as educated and well-intending for our kids as you might yet be. But you are nasty, personal and have no history of arguing about policy. As the left you take control by lawfare and quango, committees and hatchet jobs on opponents. Your rentamob tactics and easy access to your safe space media outlets is noted. It is NOT democratcic, you are unable to argue, just threaten and abuse opponents.

In America, THEY voted for Trump. Now think on-how BAD do things have to be before the demos both sides of the Atlantic wilfully buck all the pressures, threats and media onslaughts of the self righteous, publicly funded trough surfing elites? And vote for one billionaire with only a Twitter account there-vote for a lazy, feckless and clueless bunch of chancers here? But we did-we hate you THAT much!

Now let me tell you this-your BBC monopoly, your stupidity over how Gorbachev good intentions leads to Putin…surely as Clegg leads to Corbyn via Chavez…leads kids to disaster. YOU are the snuff movie fascist albeit in pastel shirts and hipster plaits of a soil patch beard. The Daily Mail is the LEAST of your problems. WE seethe at your New European rag that is far more reminiscent of Der Sturmer(or is that Der Starmer)? WE look at places like IPACA, AAP and local schools where you lot presided over the union-compliant collapse of our schools. And you blame a useless stooge like May? No-wake up Lefties, your sneering abuse of Brexitrumpets is sowing seeds you hardly know of. If you DARE to argue in a courteous and civilised manner, then we`ll meet you over a pint or a chianti. We`ll win. But if you see this as another lockdown howling of a person with a view different to yours? We`ll be ready for that too.

Kellie Konnur