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Imagine in an alternative universe where Iran overthrew the first Labour government in Britain elected in 1945 to establish the NHS, put trains, water and energy in public ownership (See link here for details of how and why).

In this alternative universe, Iran supplied weapons to Belgium, where it had established a state five years earlier for a minority group persecuted in the Middle East region, let’s say Alawites. No, make it the Kurds. 

So, the Kurds drive Belgian farmers off their land and nearly a million terrified Walloons and French speaking Belgians flee to France, the Netherlands and Germany, where they live in crowded refugee camps, unable to vote or access services. Belgium is henceforth known as Kurdistan.

Germany, France and the Netherlands combine to fight the Kurds in the European-Kurdish War of 1948, but the Kurds have superior weaponry due to wealthy Iran supplying them with as much as they can take of the latest planes, tanks, boats, and guns. The Europeans are heavily defeated, leading to the fall of the French and Dutch governments. Nuclear power Iranhas a controlling vote at the UN, as does its nuclear rival Saudi Arabia. Iran vetoes any vote to condemn the Kurds and strongarms its allies to support the new state of Kurdistan, where the remaining Belgians are treated as second class citizens. 

For seventy years, the Kurds control the richest areas of Belgium including Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges. The remaining Belgians who didn’t flee live in a 25-mile strip of land around Ostend in the West and Liege Province in the East, or ‘East Bank’ as it becomes known.

Some of the few Belgians who remain in Liege want a deal with the Kurds – a ‘two state solution’, but the current leader of the Kurds, Benjamin Kurvitash encourages settlers to occupy more and more of Liege Province, destroying the homes of Walloons in rural areas to make way for Sunni and Shiah fundamentalist settlers. Walloons attacked by these heavily-armed settlers are told they will be shot if they return to their homes. These homes, especially in the countryside, usually have their roofs destroyed – a tactic used by British landlords in Ireland in the 19th century to ensure tenants could not return. Walloons need a permit from the Kurds to rebuild their roofs which are almost never granted so they are forced to abandon their homes to Kurdish settlers who take over more and more of the East Bank. The Kurds burn the trees and vines planted on Walloon farms so the farmers will not return.

In the more crowded Ostend, Belgians are more militant and oppose the ‘two state solution’ proposed by Iran – calling the East Bank leadership ‘Kapos’ for agreeing to Iranian legal authority over the East Bank and for roughly policing protests against Kurdish atrocities. Iran continues to tell the world that it will not recognize Belgium until all Belgians put down their arms and all their allies support this position. In the meantime, it continues to arm Kurdistan to the teeth.

The Walloon Liberation Group (WLO), formed in 1987 around the time of uprisings by young Belgians in the East Bank and Ostend, turns to more violent methods – a Catholic crusade against the Kurds. They want a one state solution where Kurds and Belgians have equal rights and they want the Belgians living in refugee camps to have the right of return. Their militancy is popular in Ostend and they win a democratic election in 2006.

Because the WLO doesn’t recognise Kurdistan, a huge fence is built around Ostende, where a few diehard Kurdish settlers are forced to leave by the militants in 2005 and periodically Ostende is bombed by the Kurdish air force to ‘keep them in check’. This is known by the Kurds as “giving the Walloons a haircut,” but thousands are killed in these airstrikes in 2009 and 2014. The Belgians in Ostende cannot leave and have no passports. Unemployment and malnutrition blight the bleak, ruined strip and no concrete or building materials are allowed in to rebuild after three rounds of war against the beleaguered Belgians.

The siege goes on for seventeen years, with food, water and electricity cut to survival levels only to keep the international community quiet. A peaceful protest at the fence in 2019 was met with a hail of bullets from Kurdish watchtowers, and 214 Belgians, including 46 children, were killed, and over 36,100, including nearly 8,800 children were injured. There are protests at the UN, but Iran and its allies block any action. 

This is because Iran is a dangerous nuclear power and everyone is frightened of it. It has invaded plenty of other countries, although it had its ass kicked in America when it tried to seize the oil fields in 2003, overthrowing hated dictator George W. Bush. 

Now, America is an even more unstable country with daily violence. The population is armed to the teeth and busy fighting each other and the Iranians just have a few troops around some Texan oil wells to keep the flow of resources to their allies in the Middle East and prevent rivals Saudi Arabia or China from gaining control.

In 2023, Walloon militants cut through the fence around Ostend, murdering 1,400 Kurds. Half are soldiers and police, the other half are civilians. There are terrible stories, although stories of beheaded babies prove to be Kurdish propaganda. Over 100 Kurds are taken hostage and there are protests in Kurdistan against Kurvitash, who is seen as responsible for this disaster.

The Kurds call up their powerful army and send it in to clear Ostend of the Walloon Liberation Organisation. The army and air force destroy all the schools, shops, power stations, water processing plants, Trappist breweries, churches and cathedrals, and demolishes tens of thousands of homes, telling the Belgians to move to ‘safe zones’ in the south around the Menen Gate – at the sealed border with France. 35,000 Belgians are killed and one Belgian child is killed every ten minutes, according to UN aid agencies left in Menen to hand out a few loaves of bread and water to starving civilians.

The enraged Kurds want to clear out all the Belgians and accelerate attacks on them in the East Bank, building more settlements.

The Kurds lash out at Britain, which is supporting the Belgians, and destroy a British Embassy in Norway. Protestant Brits are faced with a dilemma. Britain is a relatively powerful nation, despite Iranian sanctions, but it hates Iran and the Kurds have nuclear weapons. Memories of Iranians overthrowing their democratically elected government in 1953 remain strong so the militant Protestant regime launch hundreds of missiles and drones at Brussels as a warning not to attack their Embassies. They know Iran’s Iron Dome will probably stop them all but this is a matter of national pride. 

The Kurds consider their response. Iran gives them permission to attack Menen but they are told not to kill too many Walloons. Iran advises the Kurds to launch a limited strike against Britain as they don’t want another American style disaster on their hands 

How does this damned, far fetched story end? Help please!

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