We’re raising £5,000 to provide wheelchair access to Hive Beach

I know a young lady aged 25, who has never been on a beach, can you imagine that?

There is a reason why Lucy, the daughter of a friend of mine, has never been on a beach, it’s simply because she is in a wheelchair all her waking hours, every day of her life, every week, every year, so life doesn’t offer much pleasure!

We all know the pleasure of sitting on a beach watching people enjoy the sea, the sun, making sandcastles etc, don’t we? Well poor Lucy doesn’t, but there is a way we can all help with this.

There is a plan to have wheelchair access t the beach at Burton Bradstock in Dorset, which involve a path laid on the sand allowing wheelchairs to travel on it. It works in other places, I believe there is one in beer, Devon.

All this needs is funding. Neil Barnes, a local photographer who many of you will know of, works very hard at keeping Lucy happy and occupied and obviously has done so for 25 years, no mean feat I assure you, many would have given up years ago.

So, the point of this message is to make you all aware, wheelchair users need pleasure as much, if not more than, the rest of us able bodied folk.

All we need to do is raise £5,000, there is a link below to the Just Giving page, it takes a few minutes to donate. If you can donate say, a tenner (or more) which is what, 3 coffees at Costa? and pass this on to your friends, we could hit that figure in a very short time.

Neil is selling his photographs and donating some of his profits to the fund, and I am trying to help in a way that I can, by asking you all to help.

Lets make next summer one for Lucy to remember eh? Plus all the other wheelchair users, wouldn’t that be a good thing to do? Please, please donate now it takes no time at all and you can change people’s lives by doing so.



Doug Chalk