Wedding bells at the Kingcombe Centre

The summer tapestry of wildflowers provided the perfect backdrop to the Kingcombe Centre’s first ever wedding reception this summer.

Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Kingcombe Centre is nestled in a stunning nature reserve in West Dorset, which Ella and Sam Jukes decided was the perfect location for their intimate vintage-themed wedding reception. 

Virtually untouched by the modern world, Kingcombe is still managed as a traditional working farm. The result is a landscape overflowing with unforgettable scenery and wildlife, such as meadows full of wildflowers and dancing butterflies.

The happy couple, Ella and Sam, visited the Kingcombe Centre shortly after moving to Dorset several years ago, and were immediately taken by the beauty and tranquillity of the reserve.

The bride, Ella Jukes, said:“We had a small and intimate wedding, so the Kingcombe centre was perfect, with its beautiful barn and adjoining cafe conservatory. Sam and I enjoy walking, and have often walked to the Kingcombe centre. We love seeing the diversity of wildlife there! We were very pleased to be able to contribute to such a vital and worthwhile cause as the Dorset Wildlife Trust.”

“The staff at the Kingcombe Centre were very accommodating with all our ideas, including ideas for the meal and suggestions of what would work best with the space.We had the most amazing day, and Kingcombe was completely perfect for it.”She added.

To top off their unique wedding day, Ella and Sam spent their first night as a married couple in the recently restored Living Van, for a tranquil night surrounded by wildlife.  

Ella said: “The Living Van was a fantastic opportunity to stay in unique accommodation for our wedding night. Camping is another of our great loves, and the Living Van offered the camping experience with the luxury of a bed!”

Traditionally used in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Living vans provided homes for road workers and these magnificent vans now provide an insightful step back in time for the modern world. DWT’s living van has been carefully restored to its original beauty by Piddlehinton based hut makers, Plankbridge. During the restoration, the van was fitted with electrical sockets and a wood burning stove, giving visitors a chance to experience a taste of the past without losing modern comforts.

The Living Van is available all year round for £75 per night, including breakfast with single, double and bunk-bed options (at no extra cost). For more information and to book, please contact the Kingcombe Centre Manager, Nick Tomlinson on 01300 320684.  

For more information about our tailor-made events and accommodation for guests in one of our 11 rooms, please contact Paul Flitton on 01300 320684. Buffet style menus are available from just £10 per person.