And here they come, like pus oozing forth from an open sore, the bigots, the racists, the xenophobes. Dragging through the pus on knuckles trying to stay upright and not look Neanderthals at all.

Given permission from the Farage’s, the Rees-Moggs and the Johnsons to allow their vitriol to spew forth from mouths distorted through hatred. “Go home” “This is our country” “Get out”! We have Brexit they grunt through slack jaws as if they have the right to be this obnoxious now.

The barely literate with Union Jack tattoos adorning their bulbous stomach, the little flag waving pink rinsed old lady from down the road who every phrase starts with “I’m not racist but” but you are my dear, you’re far right of Enoch Powell himself but it’s OK, you have Brexit now so you can say what the hell you want. Join in with the chants and the flag waving buffoons screaming to Johnny Foreigner to stop taking our jobs when he, his wife and 7 kids have never worked a day in their lives but sucks down on a can of Stella and pollutes the room one of many cigarettes smoked each day. Watching it all play out on his 60” LED 4K TV, bloody immigrants coming over here getting our benefits.

Yeah make us proud with your St George flag waving protests now that you have stripped all pride of the ensign turning it into an emblem of racism around the world. Be proud of the conflicts you have with the police trying to keep the cockroaches from infesting the streets but hey, you can say and do as you please as you have Brexit now don’t you.

Four years I’ll give you before you realise just how much of a shit storm you got the rest of us into. When the union is no more, when you unseat Johnson for failing to deliver the empty promises he had you believe. When half the country can no longer work as there are still no substantial trade deals. When your pension has no more value than the toilet paper you used to wipe your arse with this morning. And if your lucky you can holiday in Clacton On Sea because you realised just too late you no longer have freedom of movement throughout Europe, not only that, you just watched all that duty free get wiped out by a cross on a piece of paper.

But by then it will be too late, the cockroaches will have infested the streets and the value of this country will be precisely fuck all.

Mike F Shaw

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