Westminster’s most expensive MP. £280,000 on expenses in *1* year!

Take a bow Tory MP Darren Henry. He is quite possibly also the laziest. His constituency office in Stapleford is never open, he is notorious for responding to correspondence from constituents – if he bothers replying at all – with generic pre-written templates and the only discernible activity of his appears to be showing up to meaningless photoshoots as if he was the local Mayor.

It’s all about the grift for our Darren. Lobby fodder for the most corrupt and incompetent government, his notable contributions to helping Broxtowe residents is voting against feeding kids and ending the £20 UC uplift.

During the 2019 election, Henry leveraged an existing relationship with Robert Jenrick to have Jenrick commit to funding Stapleford (a ward within Broxtowe) with £25 million, but only if Henry won the seat and the Conservative party won a majority.

Top work, Broxtowe voters, in choosing this feckless scrounger and political non-entity.

He’s laughing at you. The entire Tory party is laughing at you. These people do *not* represent your interests.

Harry Paterson

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