Weymouth BID withdraw from ‘Feast Weymouth’

A programme to unite restaurants in Weymouth has been closed down.

Local (and not so local) people could take advantage of special offers in local cafes and restaurants throughout a given time period and visit places they had not previously experienced. This enabled a greater and more affordable variety for the customer and a greater short term and hopefully longer term turnover for local meal providing businesses.

This was part of the promotion for 2017: Cover-Picture

However Feast Weymouth have announced that:

‘After 4 years of the spectacular FEAST Weymouth, it’s sadly time to say goodbye. The Weymouth BID board decided today, not to proceed with FEAST. Thanks for all your support over the years….it’s been a blast!

We Are Weymouth UK is looking at a restaurant promotion in January.’

Dorset Eye contacted Claudia Moore (Chief Operations Officer at Weymouth BID) who explained the reasoning behind the decision:

‘After meetings held with all the interested parties we are running a similar promotion in the quiet months of January and February but doing it in house and with ‘Love Weymouth ‘ to save costs. it cost £10k last year for just 25 businesses so it is difficult to justify doing it that way again as it doesn’t benefit a majority.’

Hopefully the local community can come together and join together to ensure that local people can once again enjoy local cuisine at an affordable level for all.