On Saturday, March 2 March, 180 protestors marched through the centre of Weymouth, demanding an immediate, permanent ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Gaza. The demonstration called for a boycott of McDonald’s due to its complicity in the Gaza genocide.

The protest got a good reception from many shoppers and passersby and then stopped at McDonald’s to hand in an open letter to the franchisee of the Weymouth franchise, Chris Truscott.

Rob Ferguson, secretary of Dorset Palestine Solidarity Campaign (DPSC), said:

Two days ago, the IDF opened fire on desperate, hungry civilians queuing for flour, killing over 150 and wounding hundreds more. Dead and injured people were run over by Israeli tanks. This is a calculated massacre. It is an outrage that McDonald’s Israeli franchise has donated 100,000 free meals to IDF soldiers participating in genocide, and now offers a 50 percent reduction to members of the military. We are calling for a boycott of McDonald’s until the company breaks all connection with its franchise in Israel..

A delegation of parents and school students were received by the staff at McDonald’s and the letter to the Weymouth franchisee was handed in. The delegation gave a brief explanation of the reasons for their protest.

Dorset Palestine Solidarity Campaign is calling for a boycott of McDonald’s across Dorset until the company breaks all connections with their franchise in Israel.

McDonald’s support for the IDF forces committing mass murders of women, children, and families gives the lie to their brand’s “commitment to families.”.

We know many of McDonald’s customers and employees will be horrified at the company’s support for the attacks on families in Gaza. Together, we can act to stop the company’s complicity in genocide.

We point out in that letter and our publicity that:

Over 30,000 people have been killed by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in Gaza. Forty percent of those killed are children.

The IDF has bombed residential homes, schools, hospitals, bakeries and places of worship. All schools are closed. The Guardian newspaper reports hospital wards filled with children classified by the abbreviation “WCNSF” – “Wounded child, no surviving family”.

The International Court of Justice was compelled to rule that there is a plausible case of genocide against the state of Israel.

Why the call for a global boycott of McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Israeli franchise has donated more than 100,000 free meals to Israeli military personnel committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and has promoted its complicity on its social media channels.

McDonald’s in Malaysia has taken out a $1 million lawsuit against BDS Malaysia, a campaign advocating justice & equality for Palestinians.

The international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is calling for a global boycott of McDonald’s until the company severs all connections with its franchise in Israel.

The international boycott has already had an impact on sales growth, as the company reports its first quarterly sales miss in four years.

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