Following on from an article on Dorset Eye in the past couple of weeks

Tory party Weymouth town council candidate is a convicted drink driver

it can now be revealed that Sebastien Green, in his late teens, made a hoax bomb threat to The Wey Valley School, Weymouth and also had to be removed from the classroom of another educational establishment by four police officers. When this establishment then refused to let him back on the premises he threatened to go to the local press.

Also, in 2005 along with a group of friends he stole a boat locally and it then cost £20,000 to rescue him. 

He then went on a ‘charity walk’ to raise the costs of his rescue.

On his Facebook page he states ‘I am an open, honest and totally genuine bloke who wouldn’t hurt anyone. Unless you hit me first.’ It would be interesting to know what he means by this and how open and honest he has been with the local electorate.

For some this is not an issue. It is in the past. However, for those who would like local political representatives to not be so blemished it should cause a sense of alarm.

The voters deserve to know no matter what his supporters may argue.

To paraphrase Edmund Blackadder ‘you would have to be mad to vote for him but who would notice another mad person around here’.

Douglas James

And it’s not just locally:

When Swindon Conservatives were asked about a racist… candidate


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