When is a journalist not a journalist? When his name is Andrew Marr

This is apparently why the licence payer pays so much for him. He breathes, coughs and farts establishment and at our expense. Imagine really incisive intelligent interviewers asking all politicians very uncomfortable and probing questions. Not chuckle brothers journalism but cerebral and incisive. Can you? Damn you have great imaginations.


George sums it up as George can:

If I had the budget the BBC has here are the people I would ask to front up political interviews:

Ash Sarkar

Amy Goodman

George Galloway

Mark Steel

Aaron Bastani

Russell Brand

Stewart Lee

Shon Faye

Jo Brand (let loose)

Steve Topple

John Pilger

Kerry-Anne Mendoza

Paul Mason

Jello Biafra

Numerous people from the general public

But hell what do I know. Wherever you find this article list yours…

Douglas James