Where Are The Right Wing Demonstrations That Are Not About Hate?

Has any right wing organisation/party ever held a march/static demo in defence of the NHS?

Or against attacks on the disabled?

Maybe against unfair work practices?

What about campaigning for workers rights?

Maybe out in demos against the Westminster Paedo ring, the BBC Paedo ring?

Did any right wingers support the justice for the 96 campaign actively?

Any right wingers work as outreach workers/foodbank distributors?

NO !!!

Whilst the working class right wing will take the benefits of all the snowflake left fought and gained for us all, they are only out on demos/marches when it concerns race/religion and hatred of immigrants.Image result for UK Demonstrations

Dress it up how you want but they are class traitors who are willing participants in the divide and conquer methods of the state and they are shameful.

John McInnes