The Neo Nazi, Islam-hate organisation Britain First have leafleted more than 3000 houses in the north-eastern districts of Littlemoor and Preston in Weymouth. They claim to have answers to the problems of local people. Here at Weymouth & Portland – Action on Wages we have a few questions for Britain First to see just what they have done constructively for those communities.

What have you done, BF?

Since the news came out in 2017 that Weymouth & Portland’s residents have the lowest average incomes in the whole of the UK, what have you been trying to do about it?

  • Have you chased Richard Drax MP into Weymouth College to ask him to help fight poverty wages and employers breaking employment law?
  • Have you stood in the pissing rain for hours on end speaking with shoppers about union membership, collective bargaining and employment rights?
  • Have you been invited several times to meet with Sixth Form students to discuss employment rights such as Minimum Wage, holiday & sickness pay, and employment contracts?
  • Have you been lobbying at the highest level to help improve the lot of the folk living here?
  • Have you attended any of our public meetings held to discuss the ongoing situation of employment law being broken, poor housing, poor schools and other poverty related issues?
  • Have you worn down boot leather lobbying against and fighting cuts to healthcare, education and social care budgets?
  • Have you been forging cross-party community links to encourage a collective fight against the real problems faced by the communities here?
  • Have you developed good relations with the local media and been as high profile as we have in fighting all those issues above (and more)?

The answer to all of those questions of course, is not at all. We’d be happy to discuss all views as we fought together for the benefit of all living in Weymouth & Portland. But Britain First were nowhere to be seen.

What Britain First have been doing in Littlemoor and Preston

Proudly supporting fellow combatants against the racist scourge

You have been leafleting a predominantly white working & middle class area of Weymouth & Portland, telling people that ‘Muslim immigrants’ are at fault. You have come to blame the innocent and divert the debate away from the facts of the matter – that a repressive ruling class has its boot on the necks of those it supposedly represents.

You have done some work at schools. Just this week, primary school children in the area were showing off swastika symbols drawn on their hands and arms. The innocent little rebels had no idea what this meant in history – the torture and murder of millions. I guess you have been doing some school liaison to that extent!

You want people to hate each other. You haven’t been out there with us as you have one agenda – the fragmentation of communities brought about by hatred and suspicion.

I’m sorry Britain First, but the ancient and venerable communities of this town really don’t want to hear it. We want solutions that benefit everyone, not just a few knuckle dragging Neo Nazis.

We invite everyone reading this blog to follow WeyPAW’s Stand Up To Racism Dorset Facebook page on this link. See you on the streets! 

Rich Shrubb

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