What provoked me to write this article is Odious Kyle’s attempt to get away with lying about Jeremy Corbyn. Otherwise, I would have ignored it like most people try to.

Who is Odious Kyle?

Jeremy Kyle, a British television presenter, is known for hosting “The Jeremy Kyle Show,” which was a daytime talk show that often featured controversial and confrontational content. The show ran from 2005 to 2019 and had its share of controversial moments. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  1. Exploitative Content: “The Jeremy Kyle Show” faced criticism for exploiting vulnerable individuals who appeared on the show, often dealing with issues like addiction, paternity disputes, and relationship problems. Critics argued that the show sensationalised their problems for entertainment.
  2. Confrontational Style: Kyle’s confrontational and aggressive interviewing style came under scrutiny. He was known for shouting at guests, making moral judgments and, at times, berating them in front of a live audience.
  3. Tragic Incidents: Several tragic incidents involving guests from the show raised concerns about its impact. In 2007, a guest named Steve Dymond died by suicide shortly after failing a lie detector test on the show, leading to increased scrutiny of the program’s duty of care for participants.
  4. Lie Detector Tests: The use of lie detector tests on the show was controversial. Critics argued that the tests were unreliable and that the results could have devastating consequences for the guests’ lives.
  5. Accusations of Scripting: Some former guests alleged that the show’s producers encouraged scripted and rehearsed confrontations to enhance entertainment value, undermining the authenticity of the conflicts portrayed on air.
  6. Relationship Breakdowns: Numerous episodes dealt with relationship issues, often involving infidelity and paternity disputes. These episodes sometimes exposed guests’ personal lives and conflicts to public scrutiny.
  7. Violence On-Air: Physical altercations occasionally broke out between guests on the show, leading to concerns about safety and the show’s ability to handle such situations responsibly.
  8. Ethical Concerns: Ethical questions were raised about whether the show genuinely helped guests or merely exploited their problems for ratings and entertainment purposes.
  9. Cancellation: In May 2019, ITV canceled “The Jeremy Kyle Show” following the death of Steve Dymond and the subsequent public outcry and investigations into the show’s practices.

Overall, “The Jeremy Kyle Show” faced numerous controversies throughout its run, leading to widespread criticism and ultimately its cancellation. The show’s controversial moments prompted discussions about the ethics of reality television and the duty of care owed to participants.

This vile right winger, instead of being dumped in the trash, was given a show on Talk TV, although, to be fair, it is still the trash, but with a very sizeable pay check to accompany it.

And on this show, Odious Kyle says stuff like this, which, for legal reasons, he then has to apologise for.

What an odious ****.

Penny Lane

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