I sat and watched in dismay as the NTTB campaign became a hate chamber. I tried to highlight this many times to Alex Bailey and other administrators, and I pleaded with them to moderate the hate speech because I was scared for the refugees and other migrants in our community. I was mocked and belittled by them. I was doxxed and threatened by’men’. I’ve had lies and accusations thrown at me. I’ve been shouted at in the street. At times, I have felt unsafe in my own community just for being anti-racist. I find it abhorrent that Alex Bailey and the other admins painted themselves as victims. Alex actually seemed to enjoy watching those of us who challenged the hate speech get attacked, and he was very smug about it. It turns out they didn’t read the room, and the majority of our community are good people.

I was at the port during a protest against the inhumane conditions of the barge, talking to Jake from Dorset News, when a member of No To The Barge approached me and told me that he would laugh his arse off when I got raped. The man was later identified as Simon Avery, a confirmed member of Alex Bailey’s ‘No to the Barge’ group. I reported the incident to the police. Jake from Dorset News spoke to Bailey about Avery, asking for a statement for Dorset News. Bailey said he would be removing Avery from the group for his behaviour, but we saw a couple of days later that he was still a member of the group. This was not the first time a member of his group had behaved in a threatening manner towards anti-racists, suggesting that they would be physically attacked for standing up for refugee rights.”

“I would like to ask him if he’s ready to apologise to the people of Portland for “invading” our island, spreading racism, fear, and hatred. Only to f*** off when his feelings were “hurt.”.

Anonymous (The author has decided, for their own safety, not to declare their identity.).

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