The level of deceit in UK politics is staggering. Since 2019 the establishment and their finger puppets have attempted to portray the Corbyn defeat as the worst since the 1930’s. For some reason they prefer to ignore their own centrists who had a much greater defeat in 2010.

The above reveals that Jeremy Corbyn beat Blair (2005), Miliband (2015) and most strikingly Brown in 2010 in terms of votes received and was only 500,000 behind Blair’s second electoral success in 2001. Corbyn got over 1.5 million more votes than Brown (2010) and 700,00 votes more than Blair in 2005.

The reason the centrists lie so openly is that they believe the electorate are as stupid as they are. It is also worth pointing out that Corbyn’s 2017 result was the best of any Labour leader this century.

So are centrists and the right just taking us all for fools?

Why not ask them.

Douglas James


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