As expected, Ukraine barely makes the news any more because everyone is getting bored of them and there is a new war in town with a barrage of potential chaos for everyone to talk about and talking is all they ever do. Time is ticking and on this auspicious anniversary, we must remember that’s now four down, three to go. It was high time, then, that I added my three-pennorth worth into the mix.

‘Who threw that? Come on! Own up! Who threw that stone?’

And so the final battle has begun and by now we all know the facts about how exactly it all started.

Firstly, the US Senate blocked future foreign war funding and then promptly self-destructed into a rudderless ship by ousting its own speaker. On the very next day, the Hamsters decided it was time to invade Israel in a seven-prong coordinated attack, by land, by sea and by air. They killed people, kidnapped people and took two hundred odd hostages back to Gaza to be held in a specially prepared network of underground tunnels to await the Israeli response. Israel’s response was to use this provocation as an excuse to declare their intent to wipe Gaza off the face of the planet. This war was to be no three-day war. Oh no, Oi Veh! All of Israel agrees that this war will be a very long one. It should be noted that since 7/10, the Hamsters have begun to release several selected hostages in a timely fashion of about two per week, which is part of their strategy to reveal they have good intentions of showing the world that they are not the bad guys and are prepared to deal in good faith and at that rate they would have about a year’s supply of bargaining chips to play with. However, nothing will appease Israel at this point except Hamstacide and they will happily take as long as they want it to take to achieve this end without getting overly criticised by the watching world and in doing so, they will finally be able to reclaim their ancestral lands. Just as they have always wanted to do. Personally, I can see this war as the precursor to the final war, which is projected to last until judgement day.

Now that Israel has been handed the golden opportunity they have so long awaited, what did the hamsters think they would ever gain by inciting them in the first place? Total obliteration is my guess, as the IDF will now sweep down through Gaza from North to South, cleansing it as they go with the blood of terrorists and innocents alike as they force two millions of innocent starving Palestinians off into an unexpected Egyptian Exodus, whether Palestine or Egypt or the rest of the world like that idea or not. An act that might also possibly set off the second Suez Canal crisis in the process.

Star Wars

This is when that original border conflict of 7/10 will magically morph itself into a holy war, which will grind itself along for fifty odd years, apparently and cumulate with the last trump as all the world’s prophecies come home to roost. Around the world, demonstrations and protests are already taking place in the streets over the latest atrocities as Palestine starves and the political institutions scramble to realign themselves into new factions as the old alliances crumble around them. On the plus side, his boss’s views might well see the end of Israel, (be careful who you criticise Mr Starmer) since there are a lot more Muslims than Jews in Britain and every vote counts.

Israel is a small country, while the rest of the Middle East is mainly Muslim and America, the great peacemaker, is now in a right political pickle as it tries to respond to too many catastrophe fronts at once while it has tied its own hands behind it’s back. The Far East will undoubtedly have it’s own say at some point and Indonesia should not be ignored, but without Uncle Sam to show us the way, the rest of the West must make up it’s own minds on how best to respond to this latest threat to the status quo. This latest conflict is set to escalate slowly but surely on a downhill trajectory to doomsday and on its way, it will surely tear apart many a society as talk of islamophobia and antisemitism runs riot right around the equator. Time is ticking and very soon now, everyone who wants to be involved in the next round will have to pick which particular guiding star they will be following during the coming jihad, be they the stars and stripes, the star and crescent, or the star of David.

On the Organisation of Terrorists

Now this 7/10 raid across enemy lines was quite the complicated operation being carried out here, far beyond the hamsters supposed capability level to achieve. Even more amazingly, they managed to pull off this smash and grab raid without one word of it being leaked to or suspected by the much vaunted IDF, who are supposed to be the best in the world at preventing such threats before they occur, as Israel famously leads the way when it comes to secret surveillance. It was later reported by one Hamster fan that this attack was the fruition of a two-year master plan. This is a very long time to keep a secret a secret, but I suppose this might well have been true given that the result that they achieved would have required a lot of training and planning and was clearly not something set up overnight. But however long these ultra-secret preparations took, was it really just by coincidence that this totally unexpected first stone was cast just as Uncle Sam found himself locked out of the war room? I think not.

Of course, the hamsters did it. They have admitted so themselves and as a group, they probably believe that to be true. But only their top brass will know all the details for sure and there is always someone further up the ladder acting way above the pay grade. The upper rungs aren’t really terrorists per se, but people who use terrorists as pawns in the great game as a way to influence the future. Just put your tinfoil helmet on and look at 9/11 again and you will see their modus operandi. I imagine that between them they hatched a dastardly plan to start a war and, using their vast resources, encouraged the Hamsters to effectively light the blue and white touch paper before withdrawing to a safe distance to watch the fireworks… except that nowhere in Gaza is now safe. Justified in their reprisal or not, the Hamsters knew that they were doomed because they had been waiting for this day their whole lives. Finally, they can be all ‘this is it boys, this is war’ and despite all the political machinations surrounding their career in the past, they somehow managed to find themselves sitting in the big chair when the music stopped playing.

Despite the global embarrassment at the IDF being caught with their pants down during the raid and ignoring all of the global concern about the measures they are prepared to take to exact their (apparently justified) revenge campaign, Israel is not going to look this gift horse in the mouth and choose the path to peace. It’s irrelevant now how exactly it all started; it started, and Israel will now finish it. Exactly how this war will now finish is the question many of the worlds assorted experts are asking themselves and if you ask me, I’m going to stick to today’s jot on the worst case scenario prediction of ‘Very Badly for Everyone.’

Now it must be admitted by those who believe that the events of 7/10 were carried out with military precision. So successful was this terrorist mission into enemy territory that it could be compared to the work of professional fighters, well armed soldiers who have been trained to follow explicit orders drawn from a top military organisation’s meticulous planning from the start to the finish. These are not exactly words that anyone in the western world would have used beforehand to describe the Hamsters potential military capability threat, and yet the evidence for the prosecution is well documented. They definitely did it. So did the world’s best security services really miss all this buildup for two whole years of analysing the Hamsters every movement for any sign of imminent attack? And were they so utterly wrong about everything that makes this the truth? Highly unlikely methinks. I prefer to believe that they were actually watching all the wrong people.

It is true that other armed groups do operate around the world, often run by unscrupulous characters whose mercenary units can be hired to do your dirty work for you if the payment is right. Perhaps if you had the money and the right contacts, you too could hire a few (hundred) of these A-Team dog soldiers to lead your ragtag army of loyal local freedom fighters into battle. That would surely mean that your chances of success could be greatly increased. These shadowy people might even have approached your orgasnisation first with an offer to help that sounded far too good to turn down. Iran is well publicised as being the major power behind the Hamsters cause, just as the USA will always back Israel to the hilt, but in the great game of war, flags don’t mean much since there will be a new world order one day soon and relying on past international allegiance can be unpredictable. What if, for example, my hypothetical hired help were, say, recruited from among the Wagner group of currently unemployed Russian mercenaries? Or perhaps these men were recruited by the shady hand of a true American patriot with fingers in many pies? Where would that leave the blame?


‘Good Shot!’

In my earlier works, I have often touched upon some other suspected cases of outside interference in recent world changing events organised by third parties of unknown origin. After a week or so of some righteous Israeli outrage, a Palestinian hospital was hit by a rocket, causing (hard to credit) 300 deaths and an escalation in the finger pointing stakes by the rest of the world. It was quite obvious to half the world that it was a direct Israeli attack, while the other half decided to believe Israel’s claims that a misfiring outbound Hamster rocket was to blame. I say that this was an awfully unlucky shot to take out so many civilians at once using only one round, and it’s such a shame that it couldn’t have ‘misfired’ in any other direction and instead hit any other building in the vicinity that wasn’t a hospital.

Now, there is a parallel to be drawn here to an event that occurred in Ukraine the very day after the US Senate voted against them receiving their next slice of war fund pie. A village hall in downtown nowhere was struck by a random Russian rocket, killing 1/5th of the local population, who all just happened to be inside because they were holding a wake for a dead Ukrainian war hero. Talk about bad luck, all those folk in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was almost as though the enemy invaders had picked their target deliberately to add even more shock and horror to their long list of war crimes. ‘Anyone who deliberately attacks a funeral is a war criminal of the worst kind’ shrieked Vlad and the press had a field day backing him up because this fortuitously timed massacre had Vlad’s fingerprints all over it. This attack occurred just when the western world was wavering in it’s war resolve and so the message here was that they could probably do with a reminder as to why the world must send Ukraine even more money and bombs and not less.

The kind of operation I am describing here is called a false flag, where a third party who wants to push a certain envelope takes an active interest to steal the headlines. In this day and age, it wouldn’t be too hard for an independent mercenary unit to ‘acquire’ a Russian missile and ‘misfire’ it into the desired target. Remember that unlucky Polish grain silo that also suffered a direct missile misfire while being surrounded by acres and acres of open fields? That particular attack might, on another day, have been enough to force NATO into action before their allotted time. These are bold moves in the great game and they should be recorded as such before the history books tell you otherwise. While not all of my accusations are going to be accurate, the Nordstream sabotage alone proves such actions can be taken and therefore that such third parties do indeed exist. The more you ponder this, the more unlikely the official narrative sounds and if you also happen to have the press in your pocket, then the reportage on any given flag can be turned towards or against any party you desire, but never at the third party who was ultimately irresponsible.

Believe what you will, but I would expect some seriously high odds for all three of these misfiring missile strikes to be deemed accidental. Just who might be behind these hypothetical shenanigans we will probably never know, but the new global position that these actions collectively push towards is one of controlled chaos via masterful misdirection. And while everyone else argues the toss about who did what to whom, the culprits will disappear back into the shadows… until next time.

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