The Conservative win is a very harsh reminder that we live among self-serving people who arguably support racist, prejudice beliefs and discriminate against ethnic minorities, the disabled, single mothers and our youth. Furthermore, what is even more concerning is that there is a somewhat delusional belief they will in some way benefit from their vote.

According to Boris, as a single mother, my children are “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate”.

My Muslim friends wearing the burqa are “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

My black friends are described as “tribal warriors with watermelon smiles” and as “flag-waving piccaninnies”

Those who did not exercise their right to vote, will now sit back, watch and moan about the collapse of our country but yet arguably could have made a difference. The political system gains from the group of “non-voters” who in turn have adopted a form of “learned self-helplessness” that their vote won’t matter.

In my opinion, Boris does not care about the health of the people he governs. The recent interview clearly showed his unwillingness to demonstrate any interest, care or compassion for the young boy on the floor of an NHS hospital and is a testimony to that self-centredness.

£15 billion worth of our NHS has already been sold. -this has been going on since 2015. Everything left will now be privatised. Care for the elderly, cancer patients and so much more will be cut and cut and then disappear.

My personal short-fall is that by default I always like to see the good in people. Yet the outcome of the election is confirmation I live among those who are self-seeking and lack a moral compass. If we all became “Boris-like”, what then? We need altruistic, caring individuals in the world because without them the divide and injustice will only get wider.

Today, we all just took a major loss. Even those who have deluded themselves into thinking it’s a WIN – yup you were played good and proper. Let’s see how that win now pans out.

Rachel Victoria

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