Why are the right wing targeting Chris Williamson MP? The answer turned out to be very obvious

Having read the transcript of what Chris Williamson said that appears to be the reason for his first and second suspensions from the Labour party whip I could not for the life of me work out what all the fuss was about. Arguing that the party should maybe spend more time looking at other kinds of ‘racism’ than just anti semitism he is now being hounded by anything the right wing can lay its hands on (and that includes a significant number of Labour MP’s).

I am not saying that there is bullying and cajoling amongst MP’s and certain lobbyists but I am saying the above without a cowardly retreat.

Chris Williamson is being set up pure and simple by a cabal of powerful people. If he goes and Mr Corbyn is forced out then if we want proper change we might have to look beyond the ballot box.

Douglas James