Why do people still vote Tory?

So how does the Tory government really affect us?

I’m 26 years old, and despite entering the workforce at 13 and despite my student loans, I live hand to mouth. £17k may sound a lot, but I couldn’t afford to live alone. 40+ hours a week and I can’t afford my rent, bills, food, council tax without help… Let alone to have a social life. I earn less working in Health and Social Care than I would stacking shelves.

I grew up living with my grandparents. Unfortunately, my grandfather developed a rare form of dementia and normal pressure hydrocephalus. He required full time care, but as he and my nan owned their home this would have cost £300 a week. We bought stair lifts, rotaflex beds, air mattresses commodes, wheelchairs… But thankfully the social services supplied the hoist. When he eventually required palliative care we were helped by the wonderful people at Marie Curie, who receive no assistance from the government and are entirely funded by the public. Nuts. Oh, and my nan luckily received £60 a week in carer’s allowance… This obviously did not make up for having to leave full time work.

Due to NHS cuts, the district nurses were unable to manage his pain as they were so short staffed. He died in agony.

6 months after this, my great grandma passed away. She had vascular dementia/Alzheimer’s mix and breast cancer. After caring for her at home for 5 years, my nan was unable to care for her mother and husband full time, and grandma went into a social services funded residential home. We repeatedly had to report them to cqc and safeguarding as their lack of staffing and training led to her neglect. She died violently, choking on her own secretions as once again the DN was unable to adequately medicate her in time.

So, I ask you again… How does this Tory government affect us?

Whether you’re young or old, you lose out. I’m lucky, I only lose the ability to go to the cinema or to go abroad. My grandparents lost their dignity, and their right to die in peace.

Adèle Louise Jolliff