Why do so many not get it?

I am appalled and dismayed to learn that the British government called again for the bombing of Syria to remove the Syrian Government. The terrorist actions in Manchester are no different to the atrocities that have been committed on a daily basis for the last six years in Syria by the terrorists we call ‘rebels’ and support. Trump does a $350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the supporters of IS and other extremist groups, no doubt with the approval of the British government. Meanwhile, against the wishes of the vast majority of the Syrian people, we wish to overthrow one of the few secular governments in the region that is fighting against IS and the Islamic terrorists we support.

The result would be the complete demise of Christianity in the region, the removal of secular choices for people of any faith, and the persecution of any minorities. (They have already proved this a multitude of times by their actions.) Does no one in the Government have the intellectual capacity to make the connection between the atrocity in Manchester and the criminal incompetence of our policies and alliances in the Middle East over the past 50 years? If we go on in the same vein, rest assured there will be many more Manchester’s, and our own Government will in no small part be to blame.

Andrew Ashdown