Why is John Mann Attempting To Make Political Capital Out Of His Sick Grandson?

If my child or grand child was sick in hospital the last thing I would be doing is trying to find a tweet to have a go at my political opponents (especially in my own party). I would be worried sick and probably would not be able to concentrate on social media. However, John Mann is made of sterner stuff and opportunism is part of the make up for most of Westminster.


The real message we should garner though is as @Rachael_Swindon points out the essence of Mr Corbyn’s politics is that of compassion and caring. Because some cannot meet this expectation does not mean that others are not able.

As Jeremy Corbyn also points out none of this abuse is carried out in his name.

I too wish your grandson a very speedy recovery and that he is fit and well soon. I also wish that his grandfather gets his priorities sorted both for his family and the countries well being.

Judging by the twitter response however this is not about his grandson. This is about John Mann stirring it in to another anti Corbyn frenzy. Who his paymasters are is open to conjecture but the question must be ‘is he expensive or cheap?

Douglas James


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