Why? (The colonisation of Palestine by Israel and the constant screams of ‘anti-semitism’)

The problem in Palestine is not the majority of Jewish people that live there, the problem is the state and government of Israel, and some right wing extremists, and the way Israel acts with no fear of recrimination or impunity. It is very hard to understand why mainstream media is not reporting on the atrocities happening to Palestinians on a daily basis.

Why is a nine year old boy being shot in the head by an IOF sniper not reported by mainstream media?

Why is it that the fact that hundreds of Palestinians, including children, are being held in prison on ‘administrative detention’ is not being questioned?

Why is the fact that a 4 year old was being interrogated by the IOF not a major news item on evening news channels worldwide?

Why does mainstream media continue to report Israel as the victim in all this? There are a lot of whys with no answers from anybody in mainstream media.

To me the biggest WHY throughout all this is why is anti-semitism treated as being worse than other forms of bigotry eg Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, ageism etc. I asked one of gnasherjews followers on Twitter that question months ago and he could not answer me. Can anybody reading this article answer this question for me? Can anybody answer any of the WHYs in this article? There is something fundamentally wrong when one group of people can colonise the land of another group of people; then evict the current occupants from their homes, demolish their homes and charge them for the demolition of their homes. The colonists then begin to murder and imprison the indigenous population and declare that they have the right to do so as they are God’s chosen people. The rest of the world sits and watches as the colonists commit these acts and just shrug their shoulders and say”Meh”.

If you dare to question or criticise Israel you are immediately accused of ‘anti-semitism’, you are classed as the worst of all possible racists. Just what is this hold that Israel has over people and why are nations rushing to join the “We must ban BDS “ bandwagon?
If you have answers to any of the WHYs above then please send them on a postcard to ‘Palestine Supporters, The World’ and we may give you a gold star and a lollipop.

(No offence is intended to any party in the writing of this article and Dorset Eye is not responsible for what I think when trying to get to sleep)

Sam Bentley 

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