Elaine Dyson questions why any woman in Britain could ever bring themselves to vote Conservative.

Allegations of sexual misconduct, gentleman only evenings (aka excuse for a grope night, with the boys), scandals aplenty.

Which brings me to another core problem, Theresa May, many would argue, how can the Tories be so bad for women’s issues, when they have a female leader? The answer is simple, like Margaret Thatcher, May is no supporter of women in general or the problems they face, or how Tory policies affect women, she is guilty of covering up the sleaze, wrongdoing and behaviour of her male colleagues, acting as an enabler.

I accept that not everyone is as passionate about politics as myself and some of my friends, but I know many women who although not actively party political, are strong, assertive, independent and very capable.

Many have fought in their own lives, for women’s rights and equality over the years, helping to bring us to where we are now. Stereotyping and misogyny still exist, but thankfully are being challenged and become less acceptable day by day.

Why therefore would any self-respecting woman vote Tory? Only yesterday during PMQ’s David Lidington spoke to Emily Thornberry in a tone that was condescending and patronising, in a manner I’m convinced he wouldn’t have used to a male MP.

The Tory party has cut funding to women’s refuges, limited benefits based on the number of children in the household, introduced the rape clause, they are underfunding schools and legal aid has been all but abolished.

They have increased the pension age to 67, in a most underhanded way, leaving the WASPI generation, well and truly sold down the river. In fact, the list of the Tories disdain for human/women’s rights, in general, is obvious to all.

Having outlined some of the issues, I must now address the bigger underlying problem, endemic in the Tory party, the core attitudes of many Tory MP’s themselves. Regardless of official Tory policies, there is a culture of sexism among many top Tories, who often emerge from the same social gene pool.

Documents supposedly get lost, male colleagues are given a private talking to, then often promoted shortly after, ridiculous excuses made for their behaviour, repeated endlessly. Damian Green and Toby Young, are prime examples.

I will conclude by saying just this, even if you have no interest in party politics, per se, at least have enough respect for yourself, as a human being and a woman, to not undermine your own worth by voting for a party, who have no respect for you.

This post is in no way intended to be a dig at men in general. I know many of you also fight very hard alongside us for the benefit of society. We are a team, not opposing factions and I still have faith, countless numbers of men, abhor the behaviour I’ve outlined, as much as women.

Elaine Dyson

Welfare Weekly

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