A controversial film about former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has gone viral.

“Oh Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie”, which claims Corbyn was targeted by a coordinated campaign to undermine him, is now online and has received, producer Norman Thomas says, over 64,000 views in under four days.

Mr. Thomas said: “And the viewings are just going up and up. For a film that has never been advertised, shown in a commercial cinema, or even mentioned by the BBC or any other broadcaster, this is an unbelievable reception.”

Mr. Thomas believes interest in the film about Corbyn has exploded because of the conflict in Gaza.

He said: “I think horrific events in Gaza are causing people to take a new view of Jeremy Corbyn as a campaigner for the rights of the Palestinian people. Now more and more people here and across the world believe Corbyn was right, and that’s drawing them to the film.”

He added: “Many viewers are also telling us how different they believe events in Palestine might have turned out if Corbyn had succeeded in becoming Britain’s prime minister.”

Narrated by Alexei Sayle, with contributions from film director Ken Loach and former Corbyn adviser Andrew Murray, the film hit the headlines last year when the world-famous Glastonbury Festival cancelled a screening following an online campaign accusing the film of “encouraging antisemitism.”.

The film was eventually shown at the festival, but only at unofficial screenings.

Producer Norman Thomas said: “After Glastonbury, we showed the film at independent venues across the country, but pro-Israel lobby groups forced many more cancellations and stopped it from being shown in more mainstream cinemas.”

But now, Mr Thomas said, demand to see the film has suddenly taken off.

He said: “We have just made the film available online, and viewings are rocketing. There is obviously a huge hunger among people to see the truth about what happened to Jeremy Corbyn.”

Global interest in the film is also growing. Mr. Thomas said. “We’ve just launched a version with German subtitles, and we’re being urged to produce other foreign language versions.

The film is produced by award-winning, documentary maker Platform Films, who have been making films since the 1980s and have produced programmes for BBC and Channel Four. London-based Platform is now working on a follow-up production, “Big Lie II”, which will focus on what’s happening in Palestine and its impact on domestic politics.

“Oh, Jeremy Corbyn — The Big Lie” is available on

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