First up the government lie that they refuse to stop telling.

‘If you wanna be in my gang you have to deceive the public to push us up in the polls.’

Their employment figures are nothing like reality.

Then sanctions on Ukraine.

‘Let me just ask you about how your wife is benefitting from the Putin regime’.

Que blood drain from the face, panic setting in and dry mouth deadpan response.

Remember the majority did not want this government and according to YouGov Rishi Sunak is now even more unpopular than BOJO.

We are lumbered with the choices of the walking dead who do not seem to care about the vulnerable and they call this democracy.

Chancellor criticised for not helping the poorest

After the spring statement yesterday, the chancellor has been accused of failing to help those who are out of work and on lower incomes.
The Office for Budget Responsibility, which provides the government with economic forecasts, said the rise in inflation is expected to cause “the biggest fall in living standards in any single financial year since ONS records began in 1956-57”.
The Resolution Foundation, a living standards think tank, warned the lack of support for low-income families in the spring statement leaves 1.3 million people – including 500,000 children – on the verge of “absolute poverty”.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said “the biggest omission” from the spring statement was “anything for those subsisting on means-tested benefits”, who will be facing cost of living increases of about 10% “but their benefits will rise by just 3.1%”.

Most of the corporate newspapers on Thursday morning, even those that are normally supportive of the government, also criticised the lack of support.

Douglas James


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