Will This Man Represent The Epitaph Of This Tory Government?

Whether this man is dead or not is irrelevant. He is on the street and others are dying.

Whether it be this man or another or another every tragedy could have been avoided.

How bad do things have to get before the cruelty that this country now represents, not only outside but to millions inside, leads us to say ‘enough is enough’? People are freezing to death on the streets of the UK. These are but two of the many who perish and or suffer surrounded by people who do little or nothing.

This is the current Tory party. Filling us with fear of the vulnerable.

Tory homeless

Or this:

Tory MP Ben Bradley says unemployed people should get a vasectomy

Those who truly care are outnumbered by the sloths who have bought in to almost 40 years of a me, me, me ideology. A stain on our name and blood on our hands by listening to decades of Tory and New Labour propaganda that communities are a thing of the past and it’s now everyone for themselves. 

These people can add to the thousands who will die in vain (as victims) or they can be the catalyst for us to take our souls back.

Douglas James