With a Tory party insider having admitted, off the record, that they are appealing to the ‘lowest common denominators’ for votes we can now understand why they believe they can do what they like and get away with it and rely upon much of the corporate media to keep the public ignorant.

In some parts of the country however, many have their number. Why? Because they avoid the trashy tabloids….

but of course given they are in government many do not.

So where does that leave us for Christmas? Do we go for self and mutual preservation or do we copy the prime minister? A man who tells us to do one thing and then carries on like Covid and the 160,000 UK deaths does not exist and never happened.

If you don’t want to hang around for all the sordid details then this is for you

If you like detail read… on:

This man whose track record would see most people locked up for a very long time.

A man who we are told can do what he likes as the public do not care. Well they are appealing to the ‘lowest common denominator’ after all.

Therefore back to the original question.

Will you be partying like Boris Johnson this Christmas?

Or will you hope to keep your family and friends… safe to see another Christmas?

This is the answer sought as the nation (or the majority of it) holds its breath.

Penny Lane

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