Wimborne hosted its first ever “Human Poo Chain” on Saturday 26 August. The spectacle was part of a sewage protest with a sense of humour staged by environmental campaign group, Extinction Rebellion Wimborne.

Campaigners and members of the public held placards with synonyms for the word “poo” such as “poop”, “plops”, “turds”, “doo-doo”, “bowel movements”, and “big jobs”. They stood in line at various locations around town and sang poo-themed songs.

“We want to alert our community to Wessex Water’s continuing pollution of our rivers, seas and bathing areas” said local resident, Judy Wateridge. “I’m outraged that our water company dumped raw sewage in the River Stour 531 times in 2022.”

Figures released by the Environment Agency show that water companies in England and Wales dumped raw sewage into rivers at least 375,000 times in 2022 according to analysis by Top of the Poops. Unsurprisingly, only 14% of English rivers are of good ecological standard.

“Raw sewage is dumped because water companies haven’t updated the ageing sewage network. Instead they pay millions to shareholders and in bonuses to directors and managers. This is totally unacceptable!” said local writer and actor, Tony Horitz.

The campaigners say they will continue to stage protests to raise public awareness until Wessex Water stops discharging raw sewage into our rivers, seas and bathing areas.

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Only 14% of rivers in good ecological condition https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/article/water-pollution-uk-where-wild-swimming

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