News has come in that the X53 Jurassic Coaster bus is being once again slashed as economics come before providing an effective rural bus service. Already, residents of villages on the route between Bridport and Weymouth are doing their nuts, and more than one resident who doesn’t drive has decided that the poor bus services mean they must move into Weymouth from their rural idyll. 

Rather amusingly, I see one village resident has angrily said that they bet the Bibby Stockholm bus won’t be slashed. Ignoring the racist undertones of said comment, they have a point: perhaps we need more buses like the Bibby Stockholm bus in rural areas?

You see, the bus in question is paid for by the government and will run regardless of how many fares it takes, unlike the X53. So, yes, I rather hope that our dear Tory council does look to the Bibby bus as a model. More convenient, regular buses that run regardless of the amount of fares they take will encourage more people to take said buses. Let’s look at whom would benefit:

    • The old timer down the road from me, whose car has failed its MOT, won’t be able to get out of the village
    • The younger-timer who hasn’t a driving license and has to leave the village
    • Kids of varying ages for school
    • People old enough to know better who want a few bevvies on a Friday night in town yet don’t want an expensive taxi home
    • Shoppers who don’t want to pay Dorset Council’s rip-off parking rates to go into Weymouth
    Environmentally-minded people who would prefer a bus to a car to get into urban areas

So yes, Ms. Tory voting racist has a point. I’m sure the Bibby bus won’t be cut, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have an X53 Bibby bus?

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