To all you good, good people…I speak in generalisations here…

Please remember you are absolutely good people. Great people. I am aware of the hundreds of thousands, dare I say millions of UK Labour members, activists, supporters & voters who currently feel so demoralised. So upset. I am also aware many on the Labour right will genuinely love this, laugh at this and feed off this like the soulless leeches that they are (not all, but many).

These are the same people who EVEN NOW, despite two MPs being murdered, despite physical assaults, failed assassination attempts (Darren Osborne court records) and recent death threats to Zara Sultana and others BECAUSE of the framing & outright lies from the media and Labour right….they STILL continue to say anyone to the left if Thatcher is a Putin stooge, extremist, racist etc etc etc. This is beyond irresponsible and shame on them and our media. It is unforgivable and indefensible. There is no “Yes, but”. Own it. Those doing this are truly, truly awful human beings. You can love, hate, not care about The Left, NO ONE should treat their fellow members like this. Ever. Anywhere. Because it is literal fatal as we have seen. So, stop it.

Well, I wanted to remind my comrades and anyone else reading that The Labour left are truly wonderful people. They brought/bring the ideas, they are democratic, they allow debate with those who disagree, they are often doing essential unpaid work in their communities inside and outside the Party. They are the least racist, most compassionate people I have ever met. As I have said before, Jeremy Corbyn is the best human being I have ever met. That is clearer now than it ever has been. It’s not hero worship, it’s about defending the exception that proves the rule re politicians. He sacrificed, nearly literally, his life for us. He always will. You don’t turn on someone like that, whether you disagree on some issues or not. You f***ing back them with all you have. That extends to my comrades, too.

YOU are inspirational, strong, brilliant people. A re-hashed New Labour/Thatcherite project that includes *actual* previous Putin stooges, people begging convicted peadophiles for help, who openly tried to lose us elections (in their own words), anti-democratic, war-mongering, politically right wing, chicken-in-a-basket false-flag Nationalistic, very incompetent, idealess, endemically racist (Most Jewish members suspended or expelled-5 times more likely to be expelled or suspended if you are Jewish, anti-Muslim Islamophobes, anti-traveller, anti-Palestinian, anti-BLM etc), transphobic, anti-Union, anti-working class, pro terrorist regime, anti-Nationalisation sh*tshow supported by a disgraceful, hypocritical media changes nothing. MY COMRADES, YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE.

I am aware how many people have had their mental health destroyed by these evil f***ers. I hear you. They are doing it to me and many of us. I KNOW many of the Labour right reading this will genuinely enjoy this, laugh, feed off this. They are WAY closer to the Tories than they are to us. They hate us, they don’t hate the Tories. Indeed, they *literally* wanted a May and then Johnson government, above basic social democracy. Remember that. Always.

I also want to speak to the many who have chosen to leave Labour. To me, you are the EXACT same comrades as before. You are brilliant People who I would proudly campaign with, socialise with, support etc. I completely understand why you have left. I totally get it. WE ALL need to stick together and keep in contact because WE ALL will be needed by our communities, and each other. So PLEASE make sure we all stay connected and work together anywhere & everywhere we can. I stay in the Party because of my local comrades and the brilliant, SOCIALIST things being done, the hope and popularity of Mark Drakeford’s Welsh Labour government. If you live outside Wales, you may not be aware; basically on policy, uniting, tone, inspiration etc it is the literal opposite of Starmer’s Labour. It’s why Mark Drakeford is doing what he can to have more autonomy and distance ourselves technically from UK Labour. While the lack of interest in Wales from ALL the media (including the left Indy media, let us be clear) and Westminster, it actually helps us here in Wales in terms of getting on with things. So, for example, Mark Drakeford would not be allowed anywhere near the UK Labour front bench. Not a chance.

I also want to make clear if you voted for Starmer, while we tried to warn you with plenty of sourced, good evidence, I absolutely do NOT blame you. Many of you have left in disgust at the complete betrayal and compulsive lies. The impunity. The only people I have issues with as members are those who know all the above & STILL support Starmer and his actions. Because that means you at worst support, at best enable, truly despicable things. You wouldn’t accept it from the Tories, so why your own side? Hypocritical to say the least. Outright dangerous, too. HOW is this behaviour any better than the Tories?

If UK Labour somehow get in power, what we know is that the platform so far is literally to the right of Blair. On some issues, literally to the right of the Tories! I half expect Starmer to demand the return of hanging. I’m only half joking. So, therefore, WHAT IS THE POINT of such a ‘Labour’ government. It is Labour in name only. Certainly not in terms of policy or social justice. WHY would anyone campaign for that? WHY would anyone vote for that?! As almost the rest of the world, even in Conservative countries, move left and more progressive, Westminster and our media are humiliating us. I speak to many foreign observers, including those on the right, and they literally laugh out loud when they see Corbyn’s policies as “hard left” etc. They are policies even right wing governments enact. It’s monumentally embarrassing how out of sync with the UK population our main parties and media are.

Which leads to a worrying future. Talk to young people now abou UK Labour and I might as well be asking them to join the Minster Raving Loony Party. They look at you as if you are an idiot; this generation now is so dar adrift if where UK Labour is. I’ll go as far as to say under 45s in general feel totally disconnected to today’s Westminster. U.K. Labour are hoping that people think they have nowhere else to turn. They just won’t vote. But the under 30s are WAY to the left of UK Labour (yet still only Social Democrats politically), way more informed, way more passionate etc. They also see huge things can be achieved without power-BLM, XR etc. Oh, and ask Americans how Biden is doing…

So, whether you good, good People are inside or outside UK Labour, it is essential we seat connected and stay fighting for our communities. YOU are amazing. Yes, it is hard to go on when your own Party wants to make you appear to be as dangerous and despicable as a paedophile. That will not stop. Because these People are absolute c**ts. But our communities need us, and we need each other. Solidarity and Thanks to all you good, good People. Continue to be you. Continue to inspire. Continue to say f**k you to these c**ts with a huge smile on your face…it’s very liberating when you realise their opinions actually mean f**k all to you. Take away their power.

Continue to be YOU.


Simon Bolivar

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