We may have reached a moment, as with the anti-Vietnam war protests on US campuses in the late 1960s that became mass protests after disgraceful police/national state trooper violence on campus. When a professor gets roughed up by thuggish policing, you have reached a tipping point. The aggressive crackdown on dissent in the US against ongoing Israeli war crimes reveals how far state institutions will go to support the eradication of Palestinians in Gaza and continued violence in the West Bank. Even the privilege of being a white senior academic did not prevent this display of violence, nor the presence of a camera. 

Imagine how much worse that police violence is against students when not being filmed, or when the student is black. 

Then imagine how much worse it is in Gaza, where every university, along with 80 percent of schools, has been utterly destroyed. Imagine the violence against Palestinian staff and students. 

UN experts estimate nearly 5,500 students have been killed, along with 261 teachers and 95 university professors. Shouting “I am a professor” offers no protection at all against mass murder by Israeli forces in occupied territories.

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