Many of us have experienced technophobes and this made me giggle.

‘Please make this shareable.’

‘I can’t. This is a private Facebook group.’

‘So how can I share it then?‘

‘You can’t. This is a private Facebook group.’

‘Why not? Where’s the ‘Share’ button gone? Is there a problem with Facebook?’

‘No. Facebook is functioning exactly as it should be. This is a private group!’

‘So how can my friend Doris see this? Can I tag her?‘

‘Is Doris a member of this group?’


‘Then she won’t see it.’


‘Because this is a private group.’

‘How can she become a member of this site then?’

‘You mean this group?’

‘No. This site.’

‘The entire site is Facebook. This is a group.’

‘Well how can she get on this page?’

‘This isn’t a page. It’s a group.’

‘But that’s the same thing, isn’t it?’

‘Not really. It’s like saying that a dog is a cat because they both have four legs.’

‘So why can’t I share this again?’

‘Because it’s a private group.’

‘Well that’s just ridiculous. I want to leave.’

‘That’s fine. You go ahead.’

‘Please remove me. I can’t figure it out.’

‘Just click or tap the little arrow and you’ll see the option.’

‘Well I’ll do it later as soon as I’ve figured out how to share that photo. My grandson is coming round later and I bet he’ll figure it out as he’s great with computers.’

Simon Harris

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