There was one good news story yesterday, it’s a little bit complicated but, I assure you, you will enjoy it:

Donald Trump decided to hold a rally for his presidential campaign last night at a 19,000 seat stadium in Tulsa. Before the rally the Trump campaign had been bragging that a million people had reserved (but not paid for) tickets. They made people sign waivers absolving the Trump campaign of any responsibility if they got sick as a result of the rally, and they effectively banned people from wearing masks. They thought that the event would be so vast that they would need an outdoor overflow event, so booked a speaker to come and entertain the second crowd, the ones who would be unable to take their place inside the massive building.

So far, so bad.

But there was something going on behind the scenes which the Trump campaign had not accounted for: fucking K-Pop fans again. Also TikTok teens.

The K-Pop fans and TikTok teens had reserved enormous, unholy amounts of tickets. In the end it looks like less than 9,000 Trump fans arrived to his rally, their hoarse cheers echoing around the empty stands as he burbled demented, racist nonsense.
And the cherry on top? The chef’s kiss to compliment this train wreck? There was a prominent figure booked to speak to the crowd outdoors, a crowd that did not exist. His luck had been down lately, he had lost his job and had nothing to do, so had been flown thousands of miles to stand around an empty car park and despondently ponder his past glories.

That sad, pitiful figure’s name?

Nigel Farage.

Jack Anderson

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