The following are a group of members of the Commons, Lords, and Labour Party who should be kicked out for seeking to destroy one of the few people who has actively stood up to anti Jewish bigotry and racism for decades. Chris Williamson was targeted and eventually suspended because he was an ally and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and did not roll over when the toxic establishment decided that punishing people for their strengths was to be the new modus operandi.

Chris Williamson, as leader of the Labour Group on Derby City Council, was instrumental in setting up Holocaust Memorial Day events in the city and rescinding the obsolete medieval proscription barring Jews from living in Derby. He has done more than any on the following list of Blairite establishment figures to combat racism.

Chris Williamson merely challenged the level of hype that was being applied to antisemitism in the Labour Party at the expense of other forms of racism.

In 2017, Williamson said that attacks on Corbyn’s handling of alleged antisemitism within the Labour Party were “proxy wars and bullshit” and that “I’m not saying it never ever happens, but it is a really dirty, lowdown trick, particularly the antisemitism smears. Many people in the Jewish community are appalled by what they see as the weaponisation of antisemitism for political ends.”

He was supported by many distinguished people from inside and outside of Israel including Israeli and British academics, film directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, musicians Brian Eno and Roger Waters, journalist John Pilger, actor Miriam Margolyes, and comedian Alexei Sayle, as well as the many thousands who petitioned for the suspension to be overturned.

One extremely pertinent contribution came from Jewish Voice for Labour, which saw the game being played by right wing zionists:

These zionists, however, had their teeth in the flesh and were ripping for all they were worth.

This is a major reason why these people targeted Chris Williamson, and it has nothing to do with actual antisemitism.

During the 2017 general election campaign, he was described by the New Statesman as the “most pro-Jeremy Corbyn candidate in England’s most marginal constituency.”.

They saw a chance to attack a decent MP because he was not a middle of the road careerist like they are.

With no sense of irony, they signed this statement following the Labour Party’s decision to readmit Chris Williamson:

‘We cannot overstate the depth and breadth of hurt and anger felt about the readmission of Chris Williamson into the Labour Party and the questions that arise about the fairness of the process.

The officer recommendation – that Mr. Williamson should be referred to the National Constitutional Committee for action – was ignored by the members of the NEC panel. The fact that the composition of that panel was changed at short notice seems highly irregular.

Justice needs to be seen to be done, and this process has not done that.
Given that the Labour Party is being investigated by the EHRC over allegations of institutional antisemitism, this case is particularly important.

It is clear to us that the Labour Party’s disciplinary process remains mired by the appearance of political interference. This must stop. We need a truly independent process.

We call on Jeremy Corbyn to show leadership by asking for this inappropriate, offensive, and reputationally damaging decision to be overturned and reviewed.

Ultimately, it is for Jeremy Corbyn to decide whether Chris Willamson retains the Labour whip. He must remove it immediately if we are to stand any hope of persuading anyone that the Labour Party is taking antisemitism seriously.’


Tom Watson
Molly Lynch
Stella Creasy
Anna Turley
Rosie Duffield
Louise Ellman
Ruth Smeeth
Jenny Chapman
Roberta Blackman-Woods
Stephen Doughty
Karin Smyth
Baroness Thornton
Lord McNicol
Baroness Morgan of Huyton
Lord Turnberg
Gloria De Piero
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon
Yvette Cooper
Baroness Massey of Darwen
Baroness Kingsmill
Lord Soley
Madeleine Moon
Kate Green
Ruth Cadbury
Owen Smith
Seema Malhotra
Liz Kendall
Chris Matheson
Margaret Hodge
Stephen Kinnock
Jeff Smith
Chris Bryant
Wes Streeting
Julie Elliott
Lord Levy
Lord Knight of Weymouth
Lord Harris of Haringey
Ali McGovern
James Frith
Lucy Powell
Bridget Phillipson
Pat McFadden
Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall
Lord Triesman
Lord Dubs
Ian Murray
Darren Jones
Alex Sobel
Karen Buck
Neil Coyle
Lord Mandelson
Anna McMorrin
Chi Onwurah
Baroness Taylor of Bolton
Lord Willie Bach
Susan Elan Jones
Ged Killen
Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale
Lord Livermore
Kevin Barron
Dan Jarvis
Jess Phillips
Martin Whitfield
Rachel Reeves
Peter Kyle
Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top
Lord Young of Norwood Green
Ellie Reeves
Baroness Maggie Jones
Rushanara Ali
Debbie Abrahams
Daniel Zeichner
Lilian Greenwood
Graham Jones
Toby Perkins
Lord George Robertson
Baroness Mary Goudie
Barry Sheerman
Tonia Antoniazzi
Ian Lucas
Lord George Foulkes
Lord Wood of Anfield
Cat McKinnell
Ben Bradshaw
Lord Haskell
Lisa Nandy
Gareth Thomas
Lord Brooke
Sharon Hodgson
Lord Kennedy of Southwark

The list is taken from Wikipedia to enable those who want to research them and campaign for them to eventually be shown up for their scurrilous tactics in destroying Jeremy Corbyn to be able to.

Some of those on this list have a lot more in common with the Tories and their values than they will ever have with Labour’s roots.

The establishment won the day even though the High Court ruled in Chris’ favour:

Williamson was reinstated in June 2019 with a formal warning but was resuspended two days later when the party decided to review the disciplinary decision. In October 2019, Williamson won a High Court challenge to the legality of the review of the disciplinary decision, but similar charges had been made on 3 September 2019, involving a further suspension, and the High Court ruled the Labour Party’s disciplinary procedure with regard to these charges should run its course. In November of that year, Labour’s National Executive Committee blocked Williamson from standing as a Labour candidate in the 2019 United Kingdom general election. He resigned from the Labour Party and stood as an Independent, losing the seat and his deposit

Keir Starmer is the safe, soft Tory option to win back the votes of those who believe the corporate media and their owner’s agendas. The above Labour members are the apparatchiks.

Douglas James

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  1. The problem with all this is that the
    Abour Party has lost many members such a myself and I hope they all refuse to vote for the party as I will until these people are removed. The party I have supported for over 40 years has been hijacked by career politicians who only care about the renumeration and not the constituents they are supposed to serve.

  2. Thank you for this exposure, with which I totally agree.
    What Happened to all the REMAIN IN E.U. VOTERS at the last