So much is wrong with our world.

Everyone knows it.

But it’s almost impossible to make a difference.

Everyone knows that.

And yet… we can make a difference.

It’s a numbers games.

We just need to add ourselves to the numbers.

Here’s how.

#1 acts of resistance #1

join a union

it’s practical, it’s sensible, it gives you a say

#2 acts of resistance #2

support strikers; join pickets; donate funds

when we support each other we become more powerful, we take back control

#3 acts of resistance #3

join XR – but don’t just join; act

NOTHING is more important than avoiding extinction…

…sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?

#4 acts of resistance #4

join or form a food co-op

the rich eat better and live longer; plan to out-live the f***ers

#5 acts of resistance #5

join or form an energy co-op

the energy companies like us dependent; let’s change that

#6 acts of resistance #6

cooperate; coordinate; join or form groups acting for change; work with others

united we stand…


…well, you know the answer to that one, don’t you?

 #7 acts of resistance #7

break the grip of the mainstream media…

read and support alternative news sources – humanist, socialist, environmentalist, non-corporate; unlike the MSM, they’re not sock-puppets for the rich.

#8 acts of resistance #8


this is BIG

question the media narrative, the slogans, the exaggerated enemies, the nudges towards selfishness or aggression, the divisive sneers, the smearing of decent people…


Socrates showed you how

#9 acts of resistance #9

Challenge the big lies

    • our economy works
    • our democracy’s healthy
    • protesters are the enemy
    • mainstream news isn’t propaganda
    • climate change can wait
    wars fix problems

the liars will keep lying unless we confront them

#10 acts of resistance #10

do ONE THING EVERY DAY to sabotage the interests of the corporations, the powerful and the super-rich

bin a right-wing paper, leaflet your street, don’t buy something they want you to buy, bus out with XR or Just Stop Oil, or join a picket line – do that ONE THING

#11 acts of resistance #11

Recognise and resist propaganda


R_ecognise it’s propaganda

A_nalyse what it’s trying to make you do

P_ublicise the fact it’s propaganda

I_dentify its sources & their motives

D_emolish with logic, mockery & facts


#12 acts of resistance #12


share the history and actions of corrupt politicians and eco-destructive corporations; show them for what they are

#13 acts of resistance #13

use asymmetrical messaging against the corporate media’s ‘wall of sound’: spray can, leaflet, poster, action, story-telling, discussion

they have the media & the money; we’ve got the many

#14 acts of resistance #14

right-wing mags, leaflets, papers, books, posters? You know what to do….

bung ’em in recycling, turn ’em face down on the stands, put better publications on top, superimpose a better message

#15 acts of resistance #15

visit the timelines or conversations of known populists and bigots; set the record straight

they’ve got a platform…. but, on social media, so have we

#16 acts of resistance #16

use the Socrates Bomb to demolish propaganda and lies….

question the evidence, language, logic, motivation and morality of any proposal or demand by those with or seeking power

#17 acts of resistance #17

social media is designed to earn profits and enrage; don’t get enraged

watch out for clickbait and provocation; respond in the knowledge that you have a better message

#18 acts of resistance #18

before you back a politician check their record: Do they have integrity? Are they consistent? Are they honest?

UK MP’s voting records can be checked here:

To be continued in Part ll.

With thanks to Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD, CC BY-SA 2.0 for lightly edited photo of the resist flag <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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