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So much is wrong with our world.

Everyone knows it.

But it’s almost impossible to make a difference.

Everyone knows that.

And yet… we can make a difference.

It’s a numbers games.

We just need to add ourselves to the numbers.

Here’s how.

(…the list continues….)

#19 acts of resistance #19

campaign for freedom, transparency and human rights

we are all equal; we all deserve equal consideration and opportunity – only psychopaths think otherwise

#20 acts of resistance #20

tell people about a better world

why should billionaires & the state owners of the media define what is possible?

#21 small ACTS of resistance #21

buy less, buy local or don’t buy at all…

reducing consumption is a revolutionary act… and it’s the best thing any of us can do to limit climate change

#22 acts of resistance #22

if you can spare any cash after taking care of yourself and your loved ones redirect it toward activism

we’ve got to help those who’re helping us; the establishment have the dosh – we’ve got crowd funding!

#23 acts of resistance #23

become vegan or as close to vegan as you can manage

animal farming isn’t only immoral and cruel… it’s killing our plane

 #24 acts of resistance #24

grow some of your own food

do what you can, no matter how little, to take control of what you eat and how it’s grown

#25 acts of resistance #25

plant a tree

guerrilla planting; roadside planting; garden planting…. why wait for the state to act

#26 acts of resistance #26

travel less

travelling has become an act of consumption; staying local has become an act of rebellion

#27 acts of resistance #27

work from home if you can

save money, protect the planet, stay safe

 #28 acts of resistance #28

don’t burn stuff; don’t use transport that burns stuff

gas, petrol, wood, coal and bio-fuels all generate greenhouse gases; and hydrogen’s not yet a green alternative (its production generates CO2)

 #29 acts of resistance #29

love and protect ALL animals – on the ground, in the air, in the oceans

psychopathy isn’t just about the way we treat humans, it’s about the way some humans treat all living creatures.…


#30 acts of resistance #30

assert a powerful, simple ethics

    • care those around you
    • care for all humanity
  • care for and protect the biological world

simplicity = strength

#31 acts of resistance #31

help someone, even in a small way – make it a daily gift to yourself and others

empathy is the powerhouse of decency, compassion and ethical change….

 #32 acts of resistance #32

speak to your neighbours, speak to strangers

loneliness and division are a weapon against us; we have so much in common, so much we share

 #33 acts of resistance #33

try to give something away each day: a little of your time or food or possessions…

in a society infected by an attitude of ‘Take-Don’t-Give’, generosity and kindness are acts of resistance

 #34 acts of resistance #34

be hopeful

hope inspires and empowers   – it’s an act of resistance

 #35 acts of resistance #35

be kind

kindness is an enemy of power-hunger, selfishness and greed; it’s the currency we need to create a decent world

#36 acts of resistance #36


armchair activism is not enough: protest; disrupt; galvanise; organise; communicate; challenge; support; donate; change what you do; add yourself to the numbers; ACT

our society and world are screwed if you don’t


The complete list of Acts of Resistance can also be found on Twitter:

With thanks to Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD, CC BY-SA 2.0 for lightly edited photo of the resist flag <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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