Alternative ‘If’

If you can capitalise in times of chaos,

Rise above the field and grasp at power,

Make growing gains, while others suffer a loss.

Stand tall and proud and force them to cower.

If you can control the weak and the weary,

Through twisted truth and smart propaganda,

To cause a stir and orchestrate their fury,

To manage their thoughts – don’t let them wander.

If you can manipulate them to follow,

And blindly give their lives unto your cause,

And mistreat their peers and have no sorrow.

To worship you with grandiose applause.

If you can trigger any war and win it,

Through justice down the barrel of a gun,

Yours is the earth and everything in it,

And – which is more – you will be a man my son!


The dude is a poet and lyricist. He does not conform to any particular style or theme. However, that said the majority of his work is related to humanity, how we interact and of social criticisms.

Recently he has started to perform poetry at open mic nights. He is local to bournemouth but would happily perform elsewhere.

The dude is currently looking to collabarate with others, especially on the lookout for musicians to aid in song writing.

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