On Saturday 16th November, Andrew Dunne will officially launch his campaign to become MP for Christchurch, with a well-attended street stall from 10 am. 

Andrew has been active in the CLP since 2017, serving as chair prior to being selected as PPC. During his time as chair he attracted national attention with shadow cabinet member, Barry Gardiner, making an impromptu visit to party members in 2018. He stood as a BCP council candidate for Burton & Grange earlier this year where he, and current party chair Claire Wade, beat the previously dominant Conservative candidates into 5th and 6th place.

Andrew is committed to honesty, integrity, and openness.  When you ask a question, it will be answered and he has made it clear that he will refuse to give in to any of the negative campaigning pursued by other local Parties, because he believes in the Labour Party’s positive message to the country that will be of great benefit to our area and residents.

As a former Police Detective dealing with violent crime, local businessman, and a current youth worker, Andrew has experienced the devastating effects of austerity throughout his working life. He has witnessed how the cuts have affected our beautiful constituency and believes that a better alternative is possible. Labour will invest in green technology to put our planet first, invest in youth services to offer the next generation better life chances, truly affordable housing that will allow families to flourish, reverse the cuts to our emergency services and ensure real investment into the NHS, hospitals and GPs as well as ensuring social care works for all those who need it. 

Whilst the current Conservative MP has only brought notoriety and embarrassment to the constituency nationally by being so out of touch with the people here, Andrew offers a message of hope to the constituency regardless of age or background.

Andrew Dunne said:

“As a local resident and someone working in our community I am proud to stand as the Labour candidate for this election.

Our Conservative MP Chris Chope has put Christchurch on the map for all the wrong reasons, and when you start looking at his voting record it is very clear to see that his views are out of date and he does not represent the good people of our constituency.

I will listen to our residents and, if elected, be their voice in Westminster, as it should be.

It is time for real change here, and I have made my priorities clear. It is time we put the people and our planet first, and they will always be at the forefront of everything I do”

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