Another Dead Homeless Person. How Many More?

Weymouth seafront. Coastal town. Apparently according to some those types who seek to point out poverty… are guilty of ‘left wing grievance theory’. When I came across this I am in utter amazement at how the person this particular empathy free zone was in dialogue with did not explode. But this is not an isolated incident and nor are the people dying as a result of uncaring local and national governments/people. This extreme attitude has enough sympathisers to be dangerous.

The I’m Alright Jack mentality that permeates so called civilised societies is a cruel retro to the times when desperate people hollered for children to be hung for stealing and people who stood up against it were deported thousands of miles away to penal colonies.

Those who show no compassion and argue without depth are threatening to take us back there. Their ignorance is their strength.

Douglas James